Being Grateful

For the past few years, I taught myself to be grateful for whatever The One Up There have given me.

whether I’d been given joy or sorrow, I try to be grateful and be happy with whatever it’ll bring to my life.

Today, I felt like I need to write down the things that I am grateful for in these past weeks.

This is for you who may not be known and may not be noticed these things you had given me, these things you had made me feel, these things which sometimes made me felt both, joy and sorrow.

I want to say that I am grateful I have met you. :’)

I’m glad and am grateful that after I reach the closure of this episode of my life, I have yet another beautiful memory to reminisced.

I’m grateful that as this episode running to it’s end, as this period getting near to it’s closure, The One Up There had given me some time to spend with you. 🙂 even if it didn’t lasts long enough for me to get to know you better, but it given me the time to prepare myself, prepare my heart and value every moment I get to spend with you.

Thank you for made me feel these, just when I thought I wouldn’t have any chance of ever experience these again.

Thank you…

….and so long :’)